Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe: $5.00

Served with Kettle chips

Hot Dog: (All beef) $4.00

Served with kettle chips

Coney Dog: $6.00

all beef Hot dog covered with Jumbo’s sloppy joe

Served with kettle chips

Sloppy Mac Dog: $7.00

the everything dog!

all beef Dog, jumbo’s Sloppy joe, topped with creamy mac & Cheese

Sloppy Nachos $ 7.00

tortilla Chips, Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe,

Nacho cheese, topped with sour cream

Sloppy Spud $ 7.00

Baked Potato with jumbo’s Sloppy Joe,

Shredded or Nacho Cheese, topped with sour cream

Mac & Joe $ 7.00

Creamy homemade mac & Cheese layered with Buttery Toasted Bread Crumbs, jumbo’s Sloppy Joe, and topped with Shredded or Nacho cheese

Homemade Mac & Cheese $ 4.00

Topped with buttery toasted bread crumbs, Shredded or Nacho Cheese

Nachos $ 3.00

Tortilla chips & cheese


Extra toppings:

Cheese .50 – bacon $1.50 – Jalapenos .50

Bottle soda: $2.00


Water: $1.00


Take home a jar of jumbo’s sloppy joe sauce: $4.00

Original or jalapeno